5 Tips for Improving User Interface Design

How we make users have great experience when they start to use the service the website provides is always a challenge, and with time and improved techniques, users have different expectations. We have to consistently test, analysis, and improve. There are 5 tips I would like to share:

1. Show steps

Showing step number helps users get idea where they are and what they have to do to finish the process.

2. Inline form validator

Well designed form is especially important and inline validator makes the filing processing clear and bearable.

3. Chart

Graphical data is better than thousand words.

4. Data Table

Table element finally backs to it’s original purpose: display data. How to show a tabular data properly is not an easy job. Filterable & sortable is good for thousands row data table; zebra table is almost a must, fixed header and footer is also a nice way to organize.

5. Alert msg & Help/Tooltip msg

After user takes an action, an alert msg will help him make sure what happened.

Help/Tooltip is a good way to give idea or instructions.

Do you have any tip to share?

* All UI image examples are from my current work.