About Jessie

I am naturally attracted to rich colors, interesting shapes, and fresh ideas. I love visual arts and enjoy the subtle and complicated connections between different objects. I originally pursued studies in Computer & Application back in China, by chance I had the opportunity to work for an Internet Service Provider as a web designer for 2 years (1998-2000, it was when China first stepped into the Internet), and I really enjoyed the feeling of creating something that looks good.

After arriving in Canada in 2004, I was still obsessed with the dream of being an artist so I started to study Art History at Concordia University. A new world of possibilities opened gradually and my heart was filled with great joy, although I felt compelled to start creating art with my hands rather than simply learning theories. I decided to attend a computer graphic program in Rosemount and returned to my career as a freelance web designer&Integrator. My clients are very satisfied by my designs, and I found that creating visual impressive and esay to use websites is my only ambition.

After my time as a freelance designer, I wanted to work in a professional team to create better projects and take part in bigger projects. I joined UpClick as a web designer & integrator on November, 2008.  As part of marketing team, I have worked with experienced designers  and have learned a lot from them and  given my own contributions to the team. My boss and co-workers were surprised that how fast I learned and appreciated my front-end coding skill a lot.

Start from November 2010, I have transferred to the development team  as web integrator/front-end developer.  I enjoy being the bridge to connect graphic designer and back-end developers, and I have improved my coding skills while worked closely with back-end developers.

Creating website is a joinery that you would never get bored. There are always new technologies, new standards, and countless fields are waiting you to explore.  If you take challenges as joyfulness just like me, I would love to share my experience and knowledge of this coding related art with you.


Interior design, fitness, jogging, reading, travelling.

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