5 Tips for Improving User Interface Design

How we make users have great experience when they start to use the service the website provides is always a challenge, and with time and improved techniques, users have different expectations. We have to consistently test, analysis, and improve. There are 5 tips I would like to share:

1. Show steps

Showing step number helps users get idea where they are and what they have to do to finish the process.

2. Inline form validator

Well designed form is especially important and inline validator makes the filing processing clear and bearable.


Web Designer&Developer’s goal is to help the audience get their needs effortlessly

In today’s world wide web, there are millions websites out there, and millions are on their way to get there. We cannot help but wonder: what are these websites doing? what’s the purpose of a website? what can we do to make a website stand out? what can web designer&developer help?

Contend is the king

A website has to provide something useful and unique to attract and keep users. Content is the thing to make your site stand out, is the thing you should focus on, is the actual number. Design, technology, SEO and etc. are the help we provide, are the number “0” which follows the content number. These stuffs alone are nothing, professional help cannot improve poor content a big deal.

No fancy website

We do NOT need a fancy website, unless the website is about fashion, arts, movie, music or something else like that. Especially, for a serious commercial website, the only thing user should noticed is what they want to find, what the website is there to offer for. Users’ attention should not be distracted by pointless images/animation, useless flash, or annoying background music. Everything in a web page has a purpose: giving users what they need; design elements there only has one goal: helping users get what we offer.