Useful CSS3 Tools

CSS3 is out for a while, we are so excited to see the new features and glad we could simply use css to get somewhere we must get help by images & JavaScript before. CSS3 has been used in real projects, and a lot web designers are making experiments and showing us the amazing results.

I would like to share some tools which help us to use CSS3 easily here.

1. CSS3 Features Preview

CSS3 previews shows you the examples of CSS3 most popuplar and ready to use features, and explain how it work.

2. Web Font

Limited fonts we could use in web is always a big pain in ass though we have Multiple-Approach to get beautiful fonts in web by Font-Replacement Solutions, such as SIFR, FLIR, Cuf√≥n, etc. CSS3’s @font-face is a great way to use pretty fonts wherever we want. With a little help from the tools below, the job will be easiler and possible.

Font quirrel Font-face Generator